Flavor Choices


Flavor Choices
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Cake Flavors






Red Velvet*


Filling Flavors

Chocolate Mousse Strawberry
Chocolate Bavarian Strawberry Mousse
Espresso Mousse Raspberry
Mocha Mousse Raspberry Mousse
Chocolate Toffee Crunch* Cherry
German Chocolate Lemon Curd
White Chocolate Mousse* Lemon Mousse
Hazelnut Mousse* Apricot
  Apricot Mousse
Vanilla Bavarian Pineapple
Vanilla Mousse Pineapple Mousse
Coconut Cream Rum
Cream Cheese* Grand Marnier*
Cream Cheese Mousse Amaretto*

Fresh sliced bananas, as well as fresh fruits and berries in season, are available for an additional charge.

Note:  An additional charge applies to items listed with the (*).


Wedding cake tastings are available by appointment only.

Please contact the bakery to schedule a wedding cake tasting appointment.



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